Boss Infinity 100 Abovedeck Hyd. Driven Rotary Screw – #20110


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The BOSS INFINITY 100 advanced design allows you the option to choose any CFM output up to 100 CFM with just one model. By simply adjusting the flow, the compressor system will produce 100 CFM at 100 PSIG continuously (150 PSIG option available). Now, when you need that extra boost, you have it.

​The BOSS Infinity 100 modular unit is fully self-contained and compact. Mounted on its own frame the unit measures only 36” L x 20” W x 30” H. The compact design makes mounting possible even in tight spaces.

​Installation is simple too. Just attach the unit to the deck of your vehicle, connect your hydraulic system, wire to a 12V source and you are ready to go.

  • Integrated compressor oil cooling package with automatic thermal sensing control to ensure proper operating temperatures
  • Hydraulic motor directly coupled to geared air end
  • Self-contained separator element with easy access spin-on housing
  • Replaceable spin-on compressor lubricant filter with safety bypass and 25-micron rating
  • Two-stage, dry-type air intake filter with replaceable element and gravity evacuator
  • Instrumentation to include: hour meter, compressor lubricant temperature gauge and air pressure gauge
  • Integrated receiver tank with filler port and drain valve
  • All components are frame mounted, plumbed and wired
  • Safety devices to included: minimum pressure device, compressor lubricant high temperature and high-pressure safety system, automatic blowdown device, high-pressure relief valve and necessary warning and information decals
  • Optional hydraulic system oil cooling packages available upon request (recommended)
  • 14 gauge aluminum, rust proof enclosure
  • Two-year warranty air end

Additional information

Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 54 × 48 in


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