Boss Tow Behind (Diesel Utility Trailer) DUT 185 Rotary Screw Air Compressor – #10246


  • Exclusive Three Year Warranty On Air End
  • Automatic 0 to 100% Capacity Control
  • Two Stage Dry Type Air Filter- External Access
  • Multiple Service Connections
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Side by Side Coolers for Compressor and Engine
  • Cooler Access Panel for Cleaning
  • Steel Fuel Tank
  • 15” Wheels & Tires
  • Choice of Lunnette Eye or Ball
  • Hitch on Height Adjustable Drawbar
  • Large Full Length Tool Boxes in Each Side with Lockable Handles
  • Galvaneal Enclosure, Galvanized Wheel Wells and Internal Panels
  • Noise Level Limited to Maximum of 76 dBA at 7 Meters
  • Easily Removable Upper Enclosure
  • Automatic Shutdown and Protection System
  • Automatic Blowdown Valve
  • Unloaded Starting
  • 10 Week Leadtime 
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The BOSS Final Tier 4 Diesel Utility Towable (DUT) is the bench mark for all utility skid rotary screw 185 CFM compressors!


The BOSS Final Tier 4 DUT 185 is the perfect 185 cfm Towable Rotary Screw air compressor for operating two 90lb jack hammers and more!

Powered by a 49 hp diesel engine, this design has two stage air filter and large 29 gallon fuel tank for full shift duties. Built with the contractor in mind, the 185 cfm compressor is a reliable asset on any job site. Providing 185 cfm at 100 psi, this unit is perfect for powering pneumatic tools, sandblasting and more.

This tow behind compressor includes two full length tool boxes, two large service doors, and galvanized inner fenders. For scratch and rust protection, the exterior of the machine is up-fitted with Galvanneal and powder coated sheet metal. The controller system for this unit allows for a full system integration featuring all the typical safety shutdowns.


Additional information

Weight 1075 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 54 × 48 in


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