Impact provides a variety of transportation services, with its own assets and employees or through contracted third parties, necessary to reliably deliver high volume low cost transportation for every link of the transportation supply chain. As a Small Business qualified in four of six Diversity classifications, Impact’s clients earn accelerated Diversity coverage on transportation services which often constitute 10% or more of total operating costs. Companies, who wish to maximize their Diversity coverage, by choosing Impact over other transportation options, include RR Donnelley, UPS, Berkshire Hathaway, Express Scripts and Abbott Laboratories; all current Impact clients.

While the ability to deliver accelerated Diversity coverage is a major marketing advantage, these major companies cannot afford to do business with vendors which are not cost competitive and reliable. They trust Impact based upon its track record of consistently delivering what is promised, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Transportation SCM

Supply chain management flows can be divided into three main flows:

Our team can help you understand and apply the principles of Supply Chain Management to your transportation needs for best practices in your organization.

A great deal of Impact’s reputation as a superior transportation chain contractor is based on efficiencies and cost savings delivered through the utilization of proprietary software.  Impact leases this cutting edge technology from Globaltranz Corporation, which now generates more than $700 million in annual freight volume. Their software allows Impact to efficiently integrate services it provides with its own assets with those of more than 40,000 carriers.  Immediate access to this large community of carriers provides Impact competitive bids which allows it to consistently provide superior service at a low cost. Blending the use of its own assets and employees with those of contractors also permits Impact to meet or exceed minimum contract participation levels, necessary to maintain Small Business status under SBA regulations.

If the Supply Chain Transportation services and Diversity benefits offered by Impact are of interest, the easiest way to verify our capabilities is to do what most of our existing clients have done; try us out with a small tranche of business and expand as you learn, from your own experience, that Impact is a reliable partner, consistently delivering high quality services at a competitive price.

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