Does your company have a product that you want to sell to the government? If you do than you should contact IMPACT to participate with their Product Government Commercialization Program.  IMPACT offers a diversity of services because it is more than just obtaining federal contracts.

  • Analysis of product(s) to identify opportunities within the government sector.
  • Determine if product is ready for the government market.  Some government regulations can add additional criteria for sales.
      • If not what needs to be done.
      • Create action plan to prepare for the market.
    • Assist with marketing literature, brochure and other literature needed for sales activities
  • IMPACT becomes your distribution partner delivering sales promotion, product fulfillment and maintaining exceptional customer service.

Know Your Strategy

You need to know whether there is an opportunity in the government sector. Our expertise can help determine your strategy.

IMPACT sales initiatives are assisted by IMPACT’s distinction as a qualified Diversity vendor. We are a CVE (Center for Verification and Evaluation) certified Service Disabled Veteran, Veteran, and Minority owned Small Business. IMPACT assists Private sector companies seeking to acquire sufficient Diversity coverage to successfully bid for Government contracts and agencies of the Federal Government required to meet their Diversity procurement requirements. These mandated requirements of Federal organizations to procure first with Diversity companies and for companies that have Federal contracts over $250,000 to subcontract 25% of the contract value to Diversity companies is being enforced and closely monitored.

Let IMPACT Diversity Solutions assist with facilitating your Federal Contract experience:

Researching Government Contract bid opportunities
Developing Government Contract bid strategies
Writing Government Contract bids
Administration of the Government Contract bid process
Managing Regulatory Government Contract Compliance

If you are interested in our Product Commercialization program contact us at

Impact Diversity Solutions