Diversity Credit Strategy

For companies that contract with the United States Government, a diversity credit strategy is essential. Compliance with mandated targets can be the difference in winning or losing multi-billion dollar contracts. Whenever possible Contractors are expected to diversify their allocation of subcontract dollars between as many different classifications of Qualified Small Business as possible. IMPACT qualifies for four classifications. All diversity credits are good, some are better than others and Service Disabled Veteran Credits are the Best! Contact us to discuss your strategy.

Every company has the need to send something to somebody.

Statistics show that shipping cost represent about 10% of a company’s revenue using IMPACT as your courier partner is an excellent path for Diversity Credit Compliance.

IMPACT utilizes cutting edge technology, credibility, high volume discounts and demonstrable large volume competence to meet even the most complex and demanding courier needs.


Learn about the diverse resources available to develop the best possible strategy for use of diversity credits.

Impact Diversity Solutions