Medical Products

The healthcare market is exploding with new technology and innovative new programs for the treatment of disease.  Whether you are healthcare provider or a manufacturer of healthcare products IMPACT is your partner for solutions.


To help bring these therapies to market IMPACT has established its Health and Life Sciences division.  Where necessary, IMPACT will commit to direct funding, seek grants, solicit private equity or negotiate strategic alliances to fund the steps necessary to establish efficacy, achieve regulatory approval and effectively market and distribute associated products and services. Learn more about our product commercialization.

Healthcare Provider

Improving how well people move with cost effective, non-invasive solutions and non-opioid based is a major objective of IMPACT. We represent products that address the body’s kinetic health which is a measure of how well and efficiently it moves when challenged with injuries, fatigue, stress loads and various other factors. Impact’s CEO, Charles Brown, is a service disabled veteran who understands firsthand the issues of how injuries effect ones health.  Prior to co-founding IMPACT, Mr. Brown was Director of Staffing for the 2nd largest physical therapy clinic network in the country.  This position provided him with the knowledge of products and services required to successfully address patients’ needs.

Learn more about Opedix Kinetic Healthgear.

Learn more about Xanacare SimulCare II multi-therapy system.


Impact Diversity Solutions understands the needs for medical products and healthcare providers. Let our team help you navigate to the best opportunities suited to your product or service.