Opedix produces scientifically engineered apparel designed to activate individuals’ movement system, also known as the kinetic chain. Incorporated into garments designed for optimal joint function – allowing individuals to do the activities they love longer, better, and with less pain and fatigue.

about-trtOpedix garments use compression to carry their proprietary and patented Torque Reform Technology (TRT), and the TRT is offered by no other company. TRT was born from the medical world (not the apparel world), with some of the finest orthopedic surgeons and bio-mechanical research scientists who worked with Opedix to perfect the designs. From a distance, Opedix garments may appear similar to other compression garments offered by a host of brands (Under Armour, Nike, etc.), but the function and scientifically proven efficacy of Opedix garments is unmatched. These and other compressions-based products and brands are in a different class or category, and do not make proven claims to improve joint alignment, dynamic balance and reduce damaging joint stress and torque, whether for rehabilitation or pure physical performance.

Functional knee braces from medical bracing companies (Don Joy, Ossur, etc.) have been prescribed for post-surgical rehab for many years. An acknowledged shortcoming is these braces do not prevent muscle atrophy when worn in compliance with surgeon’s prescriptions. Opedix Knee-Tec tights have been proven to be an effective supplement to rigid bracing (and in some cases replacement to), and may contribute to a faster and more healthy recovery post knee surgery.


Additionally, documented performance gains allow active personnel to improve their work-output, increase endurance and be more effective when performing physically challenging tasks. Whether used to increase performance, reduce pain, prevent injury or recovery from injury or a grueling task, Opedix stands alone for offering these tangible benefits in something as natural to wear as a garment.

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Opedix garments have proven to be very helpful in providing the necessary support for movement and rehabilitation.