IMPACT Diversity Solutions, Inc. is a Qualified Small Business (QSB) under the definition and regulations that govern the Diversity Program administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA).  IMPACT Diversity Solutions has received CVE Certification which pertains to both Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran classifications. Today, IMPACT Diversity Solutions is qualified to generate Diversity Credits for its clients in these categories:

  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned
  • Veteran Owned Small Business
  • Small Business
  • Disadvantaged Minority Owned Small Business

Charles Brown

CEO & Founder

Charles is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of IMPACT, which was organized in 2010. Immediately prior to forming IMPACT, he organized Exodus International. Through his association with Exodus, Charles developed substantial expertise relating to compliance with the diversity program administered by the Small Business Administration and is an expert relative to Compliance with the SBA.

From March 2005 through January 2008, Charles served first as MRI Recruiting Account Manager and then Director of Staffing for the Southwest Region of Physiotherapy Associates, the 2nd largest physical therapy company in the Nation. His duties included direct involvement in screening and qualifying applicants for more than 200 clinics.

Charles served for more than 15 years in the United States Army; during his service, he was injured and subsequently classified by the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs as a Service Disabled Veteran.

Charles holds Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Marketing as well as an MBA. He and his wife and three children live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tim Johnson

President & Founder

Tim is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of IMPACT Diversity Solutions Corporation, which he helped form in 2010.

From 2000 to 2009, Tim served as the Chief Executive Officer of T&E Worldwide Shipping, a DHL affiliate, which he helped organize. He grew this start-up company to several million in annual revenue and had 15 employees under his direction upon his departure.

From 1994 until 2000, Tim was employed by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance as a salesman and financial advisor. During his tenure he achieved award winning levels of sales.

Out of college, Tim was involved in the administration and finance of a National Youth Sports program, targeted at improving the prospects of inter-city children.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Bradley University. He is married with two children.

Ed Johnson

Vice President Operations

Ed is one of the original Co-Founders, and COO, of Johnson Supply Chain Solutions, as well as COO of Johnson Logistics, since 2009. Vice President of Operations at IMPACT Diversity Solutions since 2010, Ed heads a team responsible for the transportation of products, nationally. Over the past four years, his team has enjoyed an unprecedented record of zero late pickups, zero late deliveries, and zero damage claims.

During the previous 15 years, Ed managed numerous Enterprise Car Sales locations during which time he successfully managed to increase profitability of several St. Louis locations from virtual “start-ups” to millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Ed’s earlier career includes the purchase and management of a DHL Shipping Franchise in 2000. Previously, Ed spent 7 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as a member of the Aviation Air Crew, during which time he earned a Medal for his service in the Gulf War, as well as a Coast Guard Commendation Medal for an Aviation life-saving mission.

Ed is a Firearms expert and an avid fan of sports, particularly Golf, Baseball, and Football. Ed attended Culver Stockton College. He is married, with five children.

Robert Horton

Chief Strategist

Robert joined IMPACT Diversity Solutions as its Chief Strategist in 2014. He has been instrumental in developing marketing and business strategies, as well as presentation development and sales, since joining the Company.

Robert’s career spans over 40 years. He was Founder and CEO of Alchemix (1998 to 2012), a clean tech company. Prior to founding Alechmix, Robert was Founder and Developer of China Coal Pipeline Company (1993 to 1997). He then founded, and was CEO of Custom Coals Corporation (1986 to 1992). Robert was previously Co-Founder and Executive Vice President (1981 to 1985) of Integrated Carbons Corporation. Prior to his career at Integrated Carbons Corporation, Robert was Executive Vice President, Marketing, of Travel Network Corporation (1978 to 1980). Prior, in 1977, Robert became Special Projects Manager – E.F. Hutton (NYSE Member Firm). His earlier career included that of Organizing Branch Office Manager at A.G. Edwards & Company (NYSE Member Firm) (1973 to 1976); he had been recruited from Boettcher and Company (NYSE Member Firm), where he was a Registered Representative (1968 to 1976).

Robert has had an interest in behavioral psychology since the early 1970s. He founded the Carefree Institute in 1985 to develop various applications of the InnerView, a comprehensive method of personality profiling. With the help of the Educational Testing Service of Arizona State University, an on-line product was developed over 20 years ago and continues to be commercially available, today. The InnerView is actively used by various businesses as a part of their employee screening process.

Robert is an avid writer, responsible for the majority of writing to promote the various objectives pursued during his career. He has written a number of “white papers” including one on U.S. Energy Independence, has also written and presented papers on energy on behalf of the United States at Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) conferences in Jakarta and Beijing, and he also represented the White House at a Global Climate Change Conference held in Beijing.

A social activist, and fundraising advocate, Robert has raised directly, or at his direction, several hundreds of millions of dollars in support of various corporate interests; generally responsible for business structure and presentation development.

Robert completed an executive investment banking curriculum at the Graduate School of Finance, The University of Texas – Executive course in Investment Banking; his B.S. from Southern Illinois University; and, attended Culver Military Academy – College Preparatory. He is married and lives in Carefree, Arizona.